Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dead White Guys In The Media (with some Etc.)

The classics are still relevant, in a "life lessons that are still applicable" sort of way (as we all know). But they're also relevant in a "hey, shit's happening in the news re: these books as of last Tuesday" sort of way. So I'mma start rounding up aforementioned classics news/interesting classics goings-on for your perusal, with an added dose of Stuff I Think Is Neat-o. Maybe every weekend? Maybe every other weekend? We'll see. Let's get linky:

Dead White Guys

Someone is creating a Jane Austen MMORPG (Massively Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Game), World of Warcraft-style. Gossip and letters and balls instead of swords and wizards and magic (not that there's anything wrong with those). LET'S MAKE THIS HAPPEN, PEOPLE. (Discovered via this Critical Linking post at Book Riot)

Apparently the Bank of England has taken Austen's portrait and tarted it up a bit made it look "prettier" for the new 10 pound note.

You can now read the original (hand-written!) Frankenstein online. NBD.

Meet the real-life inspiration behind Sherlock Holmes.

The perfect rosemary bread pudding (uh, yes please) to accompany Alice Munro's Nobel win.

The newest trend in kid's board books? Adaptations of the classics. My local indie carries these- Anna Karenina is a "fashion primer." I have the Dracula one, it's a "counting primer." Three WOLVES. Seven RATS, etc.

Hemingway's advice to a young writer is perfection: "Christ don't be an ass..."

Lou Reed reading Poe's "The Raven" because of course.

My friend Brandi does this really great fashion stylings of books, and this one for A Tale of Two Cities is maayybbe my favorite so far?

They're writing another Little Women movie, but no Marmie will ever top Susan's Marmie.

Etc. (other interesting stuff I've stumbled upon that I think you'll like)

Doctors in Transylvania have invented artificial blood no I am not kidding run far far away.

I have a Milky Way-sized crush on Commander Chris Hadfield, the Canadian astronaut best known for his quirky videos about living life in the International Space Station. Listen to this interview on NPR just for the poetry of how he explains his space walks: " are inexplicably in between what is just a pouring glory of the world roaring by, silently next to you — just the kaleidoscope of it, it takes up your whole mind. It's like the most beautiful thing you've ever seen just screaming at you on the right side, and when you look left, it's the whole bottomless black of the universe and it goes in all directions."

How To Order Off a Secret Menu Without Being an Asshole (from a former barista).

In today's episode of About Fuckin' Time, you can now use your ereader/tablet during takeoff and landing.

This definition of what a real feminist would do is amazing, and if you're not reading everything The Toast is writing, you're doing life wrong. WRONG.


  1. Susan really was the best Marmee. I want that Jane Austen game!

  2. Wonderful bunch of links. Thank you.

  3. So basically, True Blood is getting real? ;-)

  4. Very cool links.
    Love the Frankenstein text and the illustrations are outstanding.

    My daughter (who asked me this weekend to set her up with a blog for her stories - she's 8) made a "Frankie" pumpkin this weekend, turned out she was looking through my copy of the book which I have in the living room (the leather bound version). She was delighted to hear that a woman wrote that story.

  5. I just bought 3 Cozy Classics for my gran-daughter, not really, for me. She is not taking them home, but Ill read them to her at my house. They have adorable felt people scenes with a one word description. My titles, Oliver, Les Mis and duh, Pride and Prejudice. I make a mean rosemary, lavender or thyme shortbread. Winter, shortbread, books, BAM! my life is complete.

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